Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's Begging To Smell A Lot Like Christmas!

My Top Bath & Body Works Candles!
  1. Snowday- I've been using since the first snow fell here. It gets you in the spirit of the winter season!
  2. 'Tis The Season- This is basically Christmas in a jar!
  3. Winter- I'm using this AFTER Christmas comes, a seasonal candle but doesn't shout "CHRISTMAS" like 'Tis the Season does.
  4. Twisted Peppermint- VERY sweet I can only burn it for a few minutes at a time but it fills the room right away!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

These Are A Few of my Favorite Things: Snow Day Edition

Well we had a snow day today, which normally would be great..unless you had two finals scheduled for that day. More time to study I guess. 

Got up, slipped on my oversized chunky sweater, fuzzy socks, made some hot chocolate (Swiss Mix of course) and got out the Winter candle from B&BW. Now to find a book and curl up by the fire. It's going to be a good day!

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe out there!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Jingle bells and shotgun shells?!

This weeks DIY projects!! 

1. Top photo- shotgun Christmas lights for the brother!

What you need:
      -Empty shot gun shells
      -Strand of led lights 

What to do:
      -Plug in lights make sure they all work!
      -Using pliers, turn in the plastic ridges at the end of the shell
      -Push bulb into shotgun shell through those ridges it should be secured in there!
      -Hang to your liking and enjoy!!

2. Bottom left photo- Reindeer Canvas!

Why you'll need:
      -Canvas board
      -Silver paint or journaling pen (I used Elmers)
      -Card stock paper
      -Red nail polish and glitter red polish

What to do:
      -Draw a buck from scratch or based off a computer screen
      -Trace outline with silver pen, fill in and let dry.
      -I personally did close to 3 coats overtop with the paint pen
      -Cut out circle from card stock and paint with red nailpolish top off with glitter polish!

3. Bottom right photo- Reindeer Hot Chocolate Mix!

What you need:
      -Plastic icing bags
      -Favorite hot coco powder mix
      -Chocolate chips
      -Twisty ties
      -Brown pipe cleaners
      -Googly eyes
      -Red Pom Pom noses

What to do:
      -Fill baggies with desired amount of mix marshmallows and chocolate chips!
      -Tie with twistie tie at the top
      -Put on pipe cleaner antlers, googled eyes and a Pom Pom nose!
      -Curl pipe cleaners with pencil

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Country Christmas Cont.

Time for the grandparents house! 
Stockings are hung, breyers choice carrollors are standing and the bears on the other side of the room all have Santa hats!

Also, can we just appreciate the chandelier in the trophyroom? 


A country Christmas it is!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Country Christmas!

Take a look at the start of the Christmas season in our house this year! 

The Rustic Christmas tree this year! Used burlap garland, twine covered Christmas balls, crocheted snowflakes, and rusted jingle bells! Going to start on a burlap and lace tree skirt this week!

Some decor from around the house, twine trees and pearls, jars of pine ones and evergreens embellished with bells and twine, the traditional snicker doodle candle and a burlap mini tree!