Saturday, December 7, 2013

Jingle bells and shotgun shells?!

This weeks DIY projects!! 

1. Top photo- shotgun Christmas lights for the brother!

What you need:
      -Empty shot gun shells
      -Strand of led lights 

What to do:
      -Plug in lights make sure they all work!
      -Using pliers, turn in the plastic ridges at the end of the shell
      -Push bulb into shotgun shell through those ridges it should be secured in there!
      -Hang to your liking and enjoy!!

2. Bottom left photo- Reindeer Canvas!

Why you'll need:
      -Canvas board
      -Silver paint or journaling pen (I used Elmers)
      -Card stock paper
      -Red nail polish and glitter red polish

What to do:
      -Draw a buck from scratch or based off a computer screen
      -Trace outline with silver pen, fill in and let dry.
      -I personally did close to 3 coats overtop with the paint pen
      -Cut out circle from card stock and paint with red nailpolish top off with glitter polish!

3. Bottom right photo- Reindeer Hot Chocolate Mix!

What you need:
      -Plastic icing bags
      -Favorite hot coco powder mix
      -Chocolate chips
      -Twisty ties
      -Brown pipe cleaners
      -Googly eyes
      -Red Pom Pom noses

What to do:
      -Fill baggies with desired amount of mix marshmallows and chocolate chips!
      -Tie with twistie tie at the top
      -Put on pipe cleaner antlers, googled eyes and a Pom Pom nose!
      -Curl pipe cleaners with pencil

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